Some updates from Armored Warfare from Gamescon..

Gamescom 2014 - one of the most important games exhibitions of the year has ended. The developers of Armored Warfare were keen to share information about the game with all their stand visitors and to clarify many aspects of interest to future players. 

The project presentation provided details about the main classes of equipment in the game, the dealers and progression as well as one of the PVE missions.

The developers also, most importantly, announced the approximate CBT start time, which will be the first quarter of 2015. At that point the community will be able to try out Armored Warfare and participate in project improvements, sharing their opinon and leaving their comments after testing.

Equipment classes

Main Battle Tanks – high damage and armor tanks. These advantages are offset by relatively low maneuverability and speed, as well as their large size, making main battle tanks the most prominent targets on the battlefield. Of the main battle tanks in the game the British FV4034 and Russian T-80 were presented.

Artillery - restricted mobility vehicles designed for long range battle. A powerful weapon providing a satellite view of the battlefield. Has weak armor.

Of the artillery in the game the American M109A6 was presented.

Reconnaisance - quick accelerating vehicle with long range surveillance and a low silhouette. Have weak armour and low power armament.

Of the reconnaisance vehicles the German Wiesel, American M1128 MGS and Stingray 2, which are light tanks, were presented.

Armored Fighting Vehicles - fast vehicles with powerful armor piercing weapons and their own weak armor. 

American LAV-600 and M1128 MGS were presented at the exhibition.

In addition, developers spoke a little about upgrades to specific vehicles. As shown in the screenshots, players can upgrade tank modules, change armor type and open additional options - for example, smoke grenades.

PVE mission

Players face battle in an oil field. The mission is aimed at teams of four. 

The mission demonstrates major and minor tasks. The main task is to destroy enemy bunkers with ammunition. The minor task is to destroy enemy air defense systems. Individual subtasks are determined randomly and depend on the vehicle selected. 

Looks really good!

Do you agree with AW putting arty into the game?

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Why WIN8 is total bullshit and means nothing in World Of Tanks

So had this battle the other day, was just testing out passive scouting in the WZ-132. Anyway long story short was I ended up spotting 8000+ damage in a battle and getting a total WN8 score of 261.

What the hell is happening and how the fuck do you get such a shitty WN8 when I had the:

  • Highest spotting damage in the battle of 8043
  • Highest base XP of 1050
  • 43 base capture points
  • Patrol duty medal
  • Spotting damage on 8 tanks approx of average 60% health each

This is why WN8 is total bullshit..

Watch the replay and tell me for yourself, is that a crock of shit?

Check out the replay here


Sweet Gaming Music

I normally listen to gaming music when tanking but starting to get sick of the same old shit over and over… This compilation isnt bad and great to listen to while tanking!

Do you enjoy it or think its any good?